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It's not a metaphor.

"'Beyond the reaches of the Great and Holy swamp'—yes," he interrupts, looking up with a pained expression, "he didn't seem to know what to call the Delta, so he went with swamp, it's—execrable, there's no other word for it. 'Beyond the reaches of the Great and Holy Swamp, there dwelt a fair youth of beauty indescribable'—though he does try, for the next…" He scans the page, "…six, seven stanzas. 'Skin of well-burnished copper'—I think he meant bronze, but definitely metal, in any case. Lips of ruby—'a carbuncle gleaming like a blister swollen with new blood'—forgive me, I tried to make this sound sane. In retrospect, a pointless endeavor." Dean tucks his left arm under his head and gives Cas an interested look. "Youth?" "Should I have clarified?" Cas says, flashing him a grin. "Did you expect the appearance of a maiden for our Athenian hero to rescue?"

— It's the Stars That Lie, ch. 1

Journey to the... is a manuscript written in demotic Egyptian. Evidence suggests it's the greater part of a very bad epic poem by a disappointed Athenian student who was refused study in the Library of Alexandria. It is a grammatically questionable but extremely detailed account of a hero calling on the gods to help him strike down a soul devouring monster who preys on the young and helpless, which in this case is a symbolic representation of the head librarian at the time, Eratosthenes. There are many references to hippos, which as the poem progresses become more disturbingly erotic, even as the prose remains dreadful.

Cas is translating for Dean (and latterly, other readers) a copy which was part of a collection of books that Bobby acquired, and was brought to Chitaqua at some point. It was originally vetted by Cas to check if it was a ritual for summoning the goddess Tawaret. He concluded it was fiction.

Epsilon USB drive This page contains intracamp data exchanges including pornography both visual and textual (The Game of God, ch. 1).