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"Spoilers, dude." This page contains untagged spoilers for all books.


I fell. [...] It didn't make me human.

— Castiel, Map of the World, ch. 1

Newsflash, Castiel Gabriel Singer of Chitaqua: we are your kind.

— Dean Winchester, It's the Stars That Lie, ch. 11


Castiel (full name: Castiel Gabriel Singer of Chitaqua) is a former Angel of the Lord and current Second in Command of Camp Chitaqua and Dean Winchester's army.


"Spoilers, dude." This page contains untagged spoilers for all books.

Castiel has been in existence for almost as long as reality itself. Most of that time has been spent contemplating the perfection of the amoeba.



"Your counterpart," he continues, with no idea why he's adding this, "also didn't borrow my clothing."

Dean almost drops the bottle. "You noticed that, huh?"

"Strangely, yes, It becomes apparent when doing laundry."

Dean blinks. "You do laundry?"

—  Map of the World, chapter 7

Most of the clothing referenced in Down to Agincourt belongs to Castiel, though Dean often borrows it with impunity. Prior to re-organizing the cabin into a livable space for two, he kept most of his eclectic collection of t-shirts in boxes tucked away in the armory, which ate up all of the available closet space.

In those boxes is an array of painstakingly folded band t-shirts, including Rammstein (so much not a surprise), Alice in Chains, Marilyn Manson, and Nine Inch Nails; Queen, Radiohead, and Dave Matthews Band, (really, Cas?); Grateful Dead, (of course) Metallica (hell, yes) and N'Sync (holy shit, didn't see that coming). Several movies also made the cut, along with a couple of State Fairs, half a dozen theme parks, a Star Trek convention (Spock, of course), and no less than two separate Sea Worlds, Atlanta and San Antonio. In addition to Breaking Benjamin.[2] These shirts are eclectic but hardly worn, which suggests Cas is fond of them and doesn't want to damage them, considering the rest of his wardrobe is heavily mended.

'The rest of' Castiel's wardrobe consists of three-to-pack former Wal-Mart specials in black and grey, army surplus, and sixties era guru wear in all the wrong sizes [3], all of which are scrupulously maintained and repaired, but have seen heavy use. It is clear Castiel cares for his things, even if they are worn at random.

Case in point: The Great Snuggie War, wherein Cas used a credit card Endverse!Dean had given him to impulse-buy snuggies in every available size and color, including a limited edition cheetah print in turquoise and cinnamon, which Endverse!Dean repurposed as a gift for the exotic dancer he was seeing at the time. In retaliation, Cas set all of his clothes on fire in the front of Bobby's yard. [4] Disrespect his things at your own peril.

Castiel smiles at him. "If you take off your clothing and let me watch, that would have my undivided attention."

"And now you know why I'm here." Dean grins at him. "I even wore button fly in case of emergency."

He stares at Dean, who looks back with beautiful unconcern. He would probably do it; peel off his (now favorite) jeans, pull off his (their?) t-shit, and the only mystery will be if there's another layer to consider. He's rarely if ever noticed clothing other than the need to wear it; now, he can identify particular favorites as showcased by Dean's body.

—  Map of the World, Chapter 9

Most of their shared clothing consists of the standard array of jeans and t-shirts, Henleys and flannels. Dean is also seen wearing a pair of faded blue Disneyland sweatpants and a (black, no longer sparkly) The Who t-shirt, both of which belong to Cas. The red flannel he is wearing may also belong to Cas, though this is not specified.[5]

"What about your socks? Dude, you wear 'em every night. You're wearing them right now."

—  Dean Winchester, The Game of God, Chapter 6

Layering is very important. Boots deserve their own category, honestly, for Reasons.


Dean Winchester

He shouldn't be surprised; in all his existence, nothing and no one's ever been able to so effortlessly elicit his undivided attention. Oh.

— Castiel's POV, Map of the World, ch. 8

Endverse!Dean Winchester

It's complicated.

Bobby Singer





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