Dean's Sexuality

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"Spoilers, dude." This page contains untagged spoilers for all books.

A smörgåsbord of quotes :)

Map of the World

"We didn't have sex, right?"
In the history of Dean's shittily considered hookups--and it doesn't say anything good that while he can remember all of them, they're officially outnumbering the well-considered ones--there are certain rules that you just don't break. Asking if it actually happened is right at the top, along with "What's your name again?" and may in fact beat crawling out the window while they're in the bathroom, which as far as his post-coital shitty behavior goes, shouldn't be something he's aspiring to surpass. He hopes guiltily that they didn't; he can deal with a guy, fine, he can even deal with it being Cas (at least he knows his name), but he'll never be able to look at himself in the mirror again if he forgot.

— Map of the World, ch. 4

"No one can sunder?" Dean covers his face, groaning theatrically, and Castiel relaxes. "Dude, we're like, angel married? You never told me that."
"On certain planes of existence--"
"What, the astral?" Dean says, muffled, as if he's desperately trying not to laugh.
"--it could be interpreted like that, yes. And despite the fact you have never put out, there can be no annulment except by my Father's will." Dean's head jerks up, startled. "As even death seems more a suggestion than a rule at this point, merely Falling certainly couldn't change that."
Dean looks away before he can make sense of his expression

— Map of the World, ch. 7

"I said you had a gorgeous mouth," he says, drawling out the word gorgeous and watching in fascination as the faint heat spreads across Dean's cheeks again. "And what I'd like to do with it."
"Get in line," Dean advises him, bracing a foot on the dashboard and giving him a challenging look. "Not the first to tell me that."
"I'd like to be the first to actually do it."
Dean goes still, eyebrows knitting before he nods, almost to himself, then looks at Castiel seriously. "I'll give you this one. If I'm ever interested, you're first on my list. Happy?"

— Map of the World, ch. 8

Leaning forward, Dean just manages to aim for Castiel's mouth and kiss him. [...]
"Why did you do that?" Castiel whispers.
I wish I'd done it before, Dean thinks hopelessly. When you were still the person who made me want to try. It wasn't supposed to be like this.

— Map of the World, ch. 11

"A lesson," Gaius says in satisfaction, beginning to smile, and Dean thinks he may get why this guy is getting this kind of personal attention. Despite the tension, suffering drawing sharp lines on a handsome face, easy humor is reflected in the curve of his mouth, the warmth in the wide brown eyes, and even in the darkened grove, he's bright right now. He could light the world if he wanted to. "You don't believe it, do you?"

— Map of the World, ch. 11

It's the Stars That Lie

"I'm trying!" She makes a face, slumping back in the chair and looking genuinely unnerved. "They think you gave Cas command because he's fucking you. Clear enough?"
"Now?" He gazes dubiously at his arm, poking semi-skeletally from the sleeve of the t-shirt, then at her. Fuck being up for it: he's barely awake long enough to eat, much less anything requiring even minimal participation on his part. "I guess he could," [...] "but gotta tell you, he wouldn't getting much out of it--"

— It's the Stars That Lie, ch. 3

"It doesn't bother me," he says slowly, almost relieved to realize it's true. "Knowing that."

— It's the Stars That Lie, ch. 3

When Cas gave him the room for his use, the only change was that after a lifetime of motels, Dean failed at remembering to make the bed in the morning and had to teach Cas how to warn a guy before leaving the bathroom after a shower wearing a towel (work in progress, sometimes he forgets to remind Cas, no reason. He's very sick. His memory is shitty).

— It's the Stars That Lie, ch. 4

(He's still not sure why it bothers him more that Zoe and Phil are trying to steal his (rumored) boyfriend while he's sick than the fact he has one at all, but he puts it down to 'asshole behavior' and he's not standing for that shit, not in his camp.)

— It's the Stars That Lie, ch. 5

Cas smiles again, and it's worth it--freaky wards and everything--to get Cas to look at him like that.
[...]Cas smiles slowly, malicious and satisfied all at once. It's a good look for him.

— It's the Stars That Lie, ch. 7

"Dean didn't like men." Dean shuts his eyes, looking dangerously close to breaking into another bout of uncontrolled hilarity.

— It's the Stars That Lie, ch. 9

"I assure you, I had no intention of violating your fragile heterosexual sensibilities--" "My what?"

— It's the Stars That Lie, ch. 12

A Thousand Lights in Space

Content warning: This section contains sexually explicit content.

"Tried offering sex?" Alison asks, wide-eyed as she sips from her cup. "Works for me."
Jesus, if he thought that would work, he'd be naked and enthusiastically putting off the inevitable sexual identity crisis for when he has time to deal with it (after: Lucifer's defeat, saving the kids, curing Croatoan, finishing the mess, remembering the password to his goddamn laptop, saving the world, building the new room on the cabin, dealing with that end of reality thing….seriously, he's got a lot of shit to do). He's not goddamn Nate, fucking with Zack's head for two years and change because he can't deal with what he wants and making everyone else not-deal right along with him. For once in his goddamn life, he's not gonna fuck up, and there's no margin of error here, not when it comes to Cas.

— A Thousand Lights in Space, ch. 11

Watching Cas, Dean fights down a sigh. He'll be honest; that's not the expression that he ever wanted to see on Cas's face upon beholding his (mostly) naked self.

— A Thousand Lights in Space, ch. 12

Dean woke up (after, let's say it again, one of the best naps of his life) feeling well-rested, less in pain (until he moved; was that a mistake), and experiencing what may or may not have been a revelation, or at least an idea.

— A Thousand Lights in Space, ch. 12

Every one of Chuck's letters to Gloria and the list of names that never seemed to end; every story the camp could tell that he could never stop himself from hearing; the way Cas still sometimes looks at Vera and Sean and Zoe and Lee, at James that night with Dean sitting in his goddamn lap like he wasn't even there, Haruhi at that party in Ichabod; the constant, bitter reminders of the way Cas used to look at him, like he could ever fucking forget, or forgive Cas for wanting anyone and everyone but him.

— A Thousand Lights in Space, ch. 13

Dean opens his mouth for it and the thin space of plausible deniability--like it could ever be plausible--vanishes

— A Thousand Lights in Space, ch. 13

Vera told him once that straight guys didn't take it well when they hear they may be taking it up the ass. He wonders how to ask how they take it when they realize they're half-naked on a couch under another guy and about a minute from getting off dry-humping his cock. On a guess, she'd say he's asking the wrong question entirely, and he'd tell her this: no fucking shit that's the wrong question, and by the way, he may just have the answer.

— A Thousand Lights in Space, ch. 13

Pop quiz, Vera: how do straight guys feel the next morning after almost getting off enthusiastically dry-humping their best friend, and yes, he knows that's the wrong goddamn question. Can't wait for your answer, though: looks like he's gotta improvise.

— A Thousand Lights in Space, ch. 13

(Absolutely true statement of fact as example: I assure you, even if I'd jerked you off last night, you'd be just as heterosexual today as you were before. Even the fucking truth is working against him.)

— A Thousand Lights in Space, ch. 13

The Game of God

When he looks at Cas now--which even he's got to admit he was doing way more than any reasonable explanation could cover before (that's why he had several of 'em just in case)

— The Game of God, ch. 3

Dean's a guy and checking out another guy's dick comes standard (if it's there, why not), but it's one thing to take it in for vague compare and contrast purposes (mostly)

— The Game of God, ch. 3