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"Spoilers, dude." This page contains untagged spoilers for all books.

Dean who turned his own fucking personality disorder into a working theory of existence.

— Map of the World, ch. 5


The original Dean Winchester of this universe. Killed by Lucifer in Kansas City before the events of Map of the World.





Cas was kind of all he had left here and it seriously fucked with him. I'm not saying he handled it well, but--Dean had two goals: kill Lucifer, and not lose the only person on earth he had left until he got the job done. He'd watch Lucifer kill everyone in Chitaqua, and as long as Cas wasn't one of them, it didn't even matter.

— Chuck, It's the Stars That Lie, ch. 7

I never wanted him.

— Cas, A Thousand Lights in Space, ch. 14

Dean Winchester

Though dead and gone, Endverse!Dean is Dean's worstie.