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"Spoilers, dude." This page contains untagged spoilers for A Thousand Lights in Space.

"Infinity isn't something the human mind can deal with well if at all," Cas says. "At best, the sheer glut of information would be the equivalent of white noise and therefore utterly inexplicable, if very loud, in a manner of speaking. At worst…."
"Kill her in a rupturing her brain kind of way, complete with bleeding ears?" [...]
"Nothing so terrible," Cas assures him. "Insanity, possibly permanent. Assuming she wanted to survive the inevitable migraine of trying to interpret infinity and failing, and I wouldn't."

— A Thousand Lights in Space, ch. 3

Angels are infinite beings

[I]nfinity doesn't scare him. Infinity sleeps thirty feet away from him, wakes up with spectacular bedhead, and drinks half a fucking pot of coffee before Dean's even awake these days. Infinity has a drinking and a drug problem, won't let him drive, can't cook, eats under protest, doesn't like to sleep, and hates his entire goddamn life. Infinity still gets up every goddamn morning to keep living it, and he still can't figure out why.

— Dean thinking about Cas, Map of the World, ch. 11

"Folded space and fury, an eternally burning sword, infinite justice, chaos incarnate, perhaps even a storm of vengeance and righteousness, but…"
"A box." She cocks her head, fighting a reluctant smile "You're offended?"
"I'm a being of infinite--" He sighs, sinking more deeply into the ragged upholstery. "I don't know. An infinite being who is also a box."

— Castiel and Alison, A Thousand Lights in Space, ch. 5

Human potential is infinite

Infinity [...] The space around it is in abeyance—potential, unused, still waiting for form. What will be infinity once it's filled.
[The space is waiting f]or you. [...] Thoughts you haven't had, dreams you haven't dreamed, hopes you haven't yet formed, choices you haven't made—potential unrealized. The length of your life that is yet to be lived in all you aren't yet and haven't decided to be, all you'll ever do. [...]
The human mind—infinity bothers you, it always has, you can't really see it, and it can drive you insane if you try. This is why: that dot is all angels can see because we live within it, all that is and was and will be, all that is known, but you—your mind is already spoken for, it has far too much to do creating what wasn't before and isn't yet and almost is, and could and would and should be. [...]
What I showed you was yourself, that light surrounded by potential. You're not a drop of infinity, none of you are; you are its creators.

— Castiel to Alison, A Thousand Lights in Space, ch. 5

[A] vastness that reaches the length of Creation, the darkness shattering at each flare of light, supernovas bursting into being before his eyes.
"That's it," [Castiel] whispers as more appear, each faster than the last; [Alison]'s learning. "It's perfect."
"There are—Christ, they're everywhere. How many….?" He fights back a laugh when more appear, flooding her mind with light. "There are more?"
"All who were, are, and will be," he answers, feeling his own smile at the awe in her voice. "We can watch it all, if you wish, but that might take a while."

— A Thousand Lights in Space, ch. 5

[Cas] thinks of us in constellations; all the lines are how we're connected--family, friends, guy you met once, it's the Kevin Bacon game but you're playing with infinity and it's not six degrees, it's like four, but in three dimensions--maybe dozens, who knows... [...] I don't need to see the lines; they're just there, and some of them are so strong... you have no idea.

— Alison, A Thousand Lights in Space, ch. 11