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He was among the first and most powerful archangels in existence when he fought a war in Heaven against his own kind--and invented the concept of war, in case that needed saying--and even with a quarter of the Host behind him, at least another quarter in sympathy with him, and the element of surprise--and I assure you, Dean, we were all very, very surprised--he still lost. [...] Since then, while he sulked within the Cage about the grievous injuries done to him, the sum total of which is more or less that humanity's existence is a source of existential pain to him [...] Simply because Lucifer was created to be a soldier doesn't mean he has the least idea how to wage a war on earth, or even experience enough to understand how to fight it. The Croatoan virus has three purposes: the reduction of the population via attrition, the dissolution of your social and political structures to create world-wide anarchy, and to make a frankly ridiculous philosophical point in an argument with my Father that started almost before time began.

— Castiel on Lucifer's shitty army,Map of the World, ch. 7


An almost all-powerful archangel, currently using the body of Sam Winchester as his vessel and sulking.