Map of the World

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Map of the World
Chapters 11
Words 154k
Days 1–62
Published June 2014
Completed July 2014
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Map of the World is the first book of Down to Agincourt.


The world's already over and they're already dead. All they're doing now is marking time until the end. -- AO3 Summary

Map of the World opens where Supernatural's Edlundian essential The End, well ends. Endverse!Dean Winchester and his team leaders are dead by Lucifer's hand, the Apocalypse is imminent, and Castiel of Chitaqua has had the bad fortune to live through it all. After a brief confrontation and delivering a satisfying "fuck yourself" to Morningstar, Cas returns to his jeep and a world without Dean Winchester. Or so he thinks.


"Spoilers, dude." This section contains untagged spoilers for Map of the World.

Map of the World opens with Castiel of Chitaqua standing over Endverse!Dean Winchester's body, facing down Lucifer. Lucifer offers Castiel a chance to join him, which he refuses outright. Lucifer burns Endverse!Dean Winchester's body and Castiel returns to his jeep. In the parking lot, Castiel senses a presence. Climbing in, he instructs, "Don't say anything...not yet," and sets back towards Camp Chitaqua. He pulls over and it's revealed Dean Winchester is in the car with him. Cas determines they need to return to Chitaqua, but that Dean shouldn't be seen by residents of the camp.





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