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"Spoilers, dude." This page contains untagged spoilers for all books.

Repetition, it works.

— Dean Winchester, The Game of God, ch. 5

Common phrases and quotes, listed by first appearance.

Map of the World

  • "You look good on your knees."[1][2]
  • "I wish I could have told the Host to fuck themselves before they left. . . . That still bothers me sometimes."[1]
  • "...paying for your sins in alphabetical order. Or was it by severity?"[1]
  • "Give me your hand."[1]
  • "So, what's it gonna be?"[1]
  • "How does this story end?"[1]
  • '...the limitless depths of an infinite ocean...'[3][2]
  • "You've convinced me."[4][5]
  • "This isn't a test, and if it was, surviving is all you gotta do to pass."[6]
  • ". . .to even step on the field."[7][2]
  • "You never give up, I'm not sure you even know how."[6]
  • "You want some coffee?"[7]
  • "Everything and all things"[5]
  • "You could light the world if you tried."[5][2]
  • "Know yourself."[8]
  • "You don't even know where to start."[2]
  • "I kneel for no one and nothing, not anymore."[2]
  • "Spread your bread upon the water. It comes back, it always comes back."[2]
  • "You got a thousand miles to go before you sleep."[2]
  • "It's not a choice if there's only one answer you're allowed to give."[2]
  • "If you can't believe in yourself, believe in me, and I can believe enough for the both of us."[2]
  • "No one says no, Dean, not if they're worthy of the question."[2]
  • . . . in a bowl of light. . . [2]
    • "It's like [Lucifer] doesn't even notice he's standing in a bowl of light."[2]
    • "In [Dean's] mind, an image forms: Chitaqua in a bowl of light, lit by something brighter than the sun."[2]
  • "You can't hear it?"[2]
  • It's forever in here.
    • "It feels like forever."[2]
  • "You aren't this." "It's exactly what I am; I carry it everywhere, always."[2]
  • "You stood up." "What?" "You said yes."[2]
  • "This was, is, and will always be. All we can do is bear witness."[2]
  • "Qafsiel, Kaziel, Cassiel, Messenger, by whatever name, with whatever rite, in whatever appearance it is right to invoke thee, I entreat you to grant me a single request."[2]
  • "What you will see tonight is the worst of us... the worst of us can be the best. . ."[2]
  • "We haven't lost yet."[2]
  • "We are the scales and the weight and that which weighs all things"[2]
  • . . .the meaning of the word.[2]
  • "All you gotta do is try."[2]
  • "It hasn't even started."[2]

It's the Stars That Lie

  • "As you wish."[9]
  • "You don't like mirrors." "No." "What do you see?" "Exactly what's there."[10]
  • Sometimes the only way to win is to fight.[11]
  • "You really think we can win?"[12]
  • "Consent's not just a word." Not anymore.[12]
  • "If I said jump off that cliff over there, would you do it?" "I would."[13]
  • Variants of Cas talking about things he'd do in Dean's name:
    • "Give me a week and your team leaders, and I'll bring Kansas to its knees in your name."[13]
    • "[F]or you, hundreds of my Brothers died trying to free you from Hell, and it was in your name I took the lives of those who survived, in nomine Dean--"[14]
    • Regarding the sigils: "All things must have a name, Chuck was right, and it did; I named it after you."[14]

A Thousand Lights in Space

The Game of God


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