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"Spoilers, dude." This page contains untagged spoilers for all books.

Most events are still without references, and the events from The Game of God are still mostly missing.

245 BCE



Canon Alpha Other
August 5.04 The End[1] Sam & Dean do not regroup
November Late Nov:
Demons in Georgia[2]

27th: Dean and Cas meet Gloria[2]

Headquarters at Bobby's established
December Alpha established[2]



  • Godstiel (probably in the second half of 2011)[1]
  • Canon!Dean travels into the Endverse in late 2011 or early 2012.


Canon Chitaqua Arrivals
Ichabod Alpha Other
April 7.17 The Born-Again Identity[1] Chitaqua founded [2]

10th: Cas falls

25th: Dean unlocks Cas's bedroom door[3]

10th: Kansas zoned Sam says yes

Alicia's baby born

24th: The Gods are killed[3]

May 1st: Bobby leaves

Bobby dies

20th: Cas's first mission

Dean collects Bobby

First burning

4th: Initial training begins 1st: Dean's last contact with Alpha
June Theodore New arrivals incl. Alicia & Micah Evaluation Alison finds the church/kids
July First group of new arrivals starts training
August Mid-August: First group finishes training
September Demon deals 16th: Vera, Debra & Nate[3] Kansas quarantined
October Alicia trapped in cabin

Debra shot

Vera moves in with Cas

Assassination attempt

Cas shoots Luke

Second group starts training Alliance formed
November Kansas border checkpoints established[4]
December Second group finishes training
  1. Probably in late March or early April.[1]
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  • Canon!Dean travels into the Endverse in late 2011 or early 2012.


Canon Chitaqua Arrivals
January Extra training:
Amanda & Mark with students

Alicia learns to knife dance

February Cas's foot broken Extra training:
Amanda & Mark with students

Alicia learns to knife dance

March Cas's foot broken
April Jeremy Dean on extended mission
May Dean on extended mission

Water sprite?


Canon Chitaqua Ichabod Other
March Letter from Gloria to Chuck[1]
May Alicia fights not-trolls on patrol in Topeka,
sleeps with Cas for the last time
June Darryl dies Ca. early June:
Incorporeal being tries to attack Ichabod[2]
July Alison elected Mayor
August 1st: Kansas city zoned;[3] 2009!Dean arrives[4]

2nd: 2009!Dean at Bobby's place, locates Chitaqua[4]

3rd: 2009!Dean in Chitaqua[4]

4th (Day 1):
Showdown with Lucifer;[4] 2012!Dean arrives

15th (Day 12):
New patrol routes to survey KS

20th (Day 17):
Chuck reveals Dean

Early August:
Sudha becomes pregnant[5][6]
Alison's powers manifest,[7] she goes into a coma for two weeks[6]
Early August: Barrier goes up[6]
September 14th (Day 42):
Dean's fever starts

28th (Day 56):
Dean regains awareness

October 23rd (Day 81):
Joe's team makes contact with alliance
15th (Day 73):
Alison has prophetic dream
November 5th (Day 94):
Joe's team goes to Ichabod

Deal between Chitaqua & Ichabod/towns

December 31st (Day 150)
NYE party[8]
22nd (Day 142)
Snowstorm hits
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    Zachariah has a newspaper article from August 4[2] when he meets Dean during the night of August 1-2, which needs to be presumed to be some additional trickery of his, to make this fit with the DTA timeline. Seperis writes in a comment: "the newspaper was the literal day that Lucifer was destroyed and the first was the day that Dean arrived, which fit giving Dean time to get to Bobby's, to Chitaqua, be traumatized, and sleep at least once (maybe)." [3]
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The Game of God contents here...


  • Phil is planning a June wedding for Philstiel. (It's the Stars That Lie, ch. 3)