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If you want to try out wiki code before using it on an actual page, feel free to use the Sandbox!

This formatting guide gives a list of basic wiki formatting codes (italics, boldface text, bullet lists, links, section headers, etc.).

To create a new wiki page, either click on a red hyperlink in one of the existing pages or enter the URL corresponding to the page you would like to create, e.g., https://agin.chat/wiki/My new page, and then click 'create page.'


Warning: "Sorry! We could not process your edit due to a loss of session data. Please try again. If it still doesn't work, try logging out and logging back in."

Sometimes, when you try to save a page, you get put into preview mode and shown the above warning. This is likely a server-side problem, and nothing you need to worry about. Just try to save the page again until it works. Make sure you end up on the actual page (not preview mode), otherwise your edits will be lost when you close the tab.

Error: "[an error occurred while processing this directive]"

This appears when trying to preview/save wiki code with style attributes or slightly fancier table layouts, and probably some other formatting as well. For now: remove the nice formatting :( and try to save the page again.

If you're adding a section with slightly experimental formatting to a page, it's best to copy it first before hitting preview/submit so your changes don't get lost in case the error appears.

Known triggers for this error:


The template pages linked below contain more information on how to use each template.


"Spoilers, dude." This example contains untagged spoilers for none of the books.

Use the {{Spoilers|scope|books}} template for spoiler warnings. The linked template page explains the different arguments and how to use it.


This is a comment :^)

Use the {{Comment|comment}} template for comment boxes.


He quotes you. Every time they leave the camp for their route. We can all recite it by now.

— Joe, It's the Stars That Lie, ch. 4

You can use the {{Quote|phrase|source}} template to format quotes.

Content warning

Content warning: This page contains this content warning.

You can use the {{Content warning|content|scope}} template to format quotes.

Hidden section

Click on [Expand] to show the section below.

Psshhh this is a secret!

The {{Hidden section|text}} template allows you to hide part of an entry , such that users need to explicitly collapse the section in order to see it.

Book titles

If you're lazy (like me), you can use the following shortcuts for generating italicized book titles:

Code Output
Map of the World
It's the Stars That Lie
A Thousand Lights in Space
The Game of God


Use <ref>Reference text</ref> to create a footnote mark. The text between <ref>...</ref> will be the footnote content.

Place <references/> at the bottom of the page/section where you would like the list of footnotes to appear.

To create multiple references for one footnote, label the reference like so: <ref name="my_name">Reference text</ref>, and then create subsequent footnote marks with <ref name="my_name"/>.


Here's a reference to the beginning of the first book.<ref>{{Map}}, ch. 1</ref>
And here is a first reference to a chapter in the second book,<ref name="stars-11">{{Stars}}, ch. 11</ref> and here is another one referring to the same chapter.<ref name="stars-11"/>

And here come the footnotes:

Here's a reference to the beginning of the first book.[1] And here is a first reference to a chapter in the second book,[2] and here is another one referring to the same chapter.[2]

And here come the footnotes:

  1. Map of the World, ch. 1
  2. 2.0 2.1 It's the Stars That Lie, ch. 11

More information on footnotes here.


To add category tags to a page, use [[Category:My category name]]. The page Special:Categories lists the categories that are already in use.


Upload the image via Special:Upload. (Here is the list of allowed file formats.) To add it to a page, use [[File:examplefile.png]]. You can also specify the size and some alt text: [[File:examplefile.png|100px|Example picture]].

Code Output
[[File:Spoilers.png|100px|"Spoilers, dude."]]
"Spoilers, dude."
[[File:Spoilers.png|thumb|"Spoilers, dude."]]
"Spoilers, dude."
[[File:Spoilers.png|"Spoilers, dude."]]
"Spoilers, dude."
[[File:thisfiledoesntexist.png|Alt text]]
Alt text

More formatting options and additional information can be found here.